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Meow's Reliability

Meow has never missed a scheduled booking. She is very reliable. Almost always on time and very professional. However, she is very petite and can not handle too much alcohol so make sure not to encourage her to drink too much as you will regret it. One or two drinks should be ok though.

Mickey's Honest Review of Meow

Meow has been a friend of our group for a long time, and I've personally known her for many years, but she's only now available after she ended a long term relationship.

She's got a very very fun personality and loves to laugh and party. She's very easy to get along with and likes to talk. Someone once told me that she won a Gold Medal in the Olympics for talking and while I wasn't aware that was a recognized sport, I am sure she'd probably win it if it was.

She's very small and petite. So if you like small and petite, but with huge oversized boobs then she's a must have as she's the smallest, most petite lady you've likely seen with huge boobs.

Being so small though, she can't drink much. She THINKS she can and will try to match you drink for drink, but she's half the size of a small lady and probably several times smaller than you so it doesn't take her long to get drunk.

That leads me to a funny story. A few months ago, many of us all got together to party in Bangkok and Meow joined us. End of the night comes and she's passed out on a sofa at the club we are at. Ming and Tara literally carry her out to a taxi as she can't walk. We are staying at the same hotel and Tara's place is on the way so the taxi takes the three of us. We drop off Tara first. Meow is passed out in the back seat of the taxi.

On the way to our hotel, the police are pulling over all cars and pulls over our taxi. No problem as while drunk, we aren't driving--we are in a taxi. However, the police decide to hold us for an unusually long time. When I ask the police why they are holding us, an officer responds that he's only holding us because MEOW WON'T STOP TALKING! I pointed out that she's drunk which is WHY we are in a taxi and we are going back to our hotel to sleep and if he'd just let us go he wouldn't have to deal with her talking anymore. He thought that sounded great and he finally let us go.

Name: Meow

Service: Escort Service

Date: 28th of Jan 2020


Meow was just as advertised-great little body, huge tits and a bubbly personality. She had little experience with water sports but jumped right in. I did not give her 5 stars because no fantasy is perfect.


Response from Meow: Ok thank you for review

Length of booking: Short-Time

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Name: Meow

Service: Escort Service

Date: 10th of Nov 2019


Meow has a lot of energy. She is very kind and giving to all around her. She is a good companion and we did lots of fun, exciting things over 4 days. However, during my booking she got her period so we didn't have much sex (that's why 3-stars). One thing to note is that she smokes (per profile), so I smoked too during the booking. But, if you're not a regular smoker, you may want to be prepared to go with her on smoke breaks in the morning, before and after meals, and throughout the day. Meow gives a great GFE. Although she is not really my type, I would recommend her if you like high energy and super-petite. Please remember, the 3-stars is for her performance during my booking and based on my personal preferences, but she has a 5-star personality. So book Meow and have a great time!


Response from Meow: Thank you for nice review sorry make you little feel bad on my period.

Length of booking: 4 Days

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Name: Meow

Service: Escort Service

Date: 28th of Oct 2019


Meow arrived at my 5 stars hotel properly dressed and looking great. She’s very easy to get along with and really skilled and affectionate in the bedroom. She also has a high energy level and is a real pleasure to be with. Meow comes highly recommended.


Response from Meow: Thank you for nice review

Length of booking: 1 Day

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Name: Meow

Service: Escort Service

Date: 17th of Aug 2019


Meow is extremely fun and really puts the 'super' in super GFE. She was always finding ways to snuggle and cuddle and made sure that all my needs were met. For those worried about Meow being too chatty I felt that she could read me well and she provided the perfect amount of conversation. She has the spirit of a younger girl but the manners and wisdom of a mature woman. We ate cheap street food, dined at a 5 star restaurant danced at two night clubs. She had her hair tied up and wore a nice blazer for the high end club but once we went to a more casual hip hop club, she let her hair down and off came the blazer to reveal nothing but a skimpy black tube top. Dress up or dress down, she did it all and carried herself well on all levels of ambiance and setting. She is by far the most versatile companion I have met. Just tell her what you have planned and she'll fit the mold. Her ability to adapt also carried over behind closed doors. I had a whole day with her but the second she walked into my room she wasted no time in seducing me. She was slow and gentle at first lightly teasing with a hefty amount of foreplay but when she sensed that I was getting hot, she flipped the switch. For those who meet her, be prepared. She can and will squeeze every ounce of stamina from you. I can't say that she is only good in bed because we managed to get busy on just about every available piece of furniture in the room. Enough reading already. Book her while you can.


Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Meow to other clients? yes

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